Bipolar disorder youtube channel patreon

Bipolar disorder youtube channel patreon

James Stephanie Sterling is an English-American freelance video game journalist, critic, pundit and YouTuber. Before becoming independent in September 2014, they were the review editor for Destructoid, and an author for The Escapist. Sterling is noted as one of the main examples of a YouTuber achieving success through crowdfunding.Welcome to Polar Warriors! - A Viewer-Supported Mental Health Channel Dedicated to Bipolar Disorder Support. These videos aren't just for the millions of "Polar Warriors" out there who live with.March 2021 I've been on Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation's 3:1 CBD Pure formula now for almost six months! I'm happy to report that my health is on the upswing! One of the main reasons why I needed to make the transition off my anti-epileptic medication was due to my body being in a constant state of neutropenia — a condition where white blood cells are too low. This is a rare side.

At this point, Polar Warriors is supported by viewer donations via Patreon. Period. We do not (and have never) earned money from YouTube ads, the International Bipolar Foundation, or any other organization. We still need your help. There is very little funding for free mental health resources like our YouTube channel.My channel is completely dedicated to helping individuals, families, and friends who struggle with, or know someone living with Bipolar Disorder. My goal is to provide actual Bipolar tools and to discuss topics which can potentially help “Polar Warriors” grow to live a more balanced, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

In 2018 I couldn't find a therapist so I opened a YouTube channel called Bipolar Corner. I opened the channel because I had noone to talk to and as a form of therapy for myself I turned on the camera and started talking about my mental Illnesess and Drug Addiction. Fort hose of you that don't know me, Hi I'm Gary and I'm diagnosed with.

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On March 13, Trisha Paytas uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled “MEET MY ALTERS.” In the 20-minute-long video, she said that despite never having been diagnosed by professionals, she was able to diagnose herself with dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder.YouTube blogger and musician Shannon Taylor offers a raw, emotional look into what living with bipolar disorder looks like in real time. Shannon shatters the myth that mania experienced with.In this episode, we interviewed mental health advocate, podcast host, and actress, Alessandra Torresani. Alessandra started her mental health podcast to share her experience with bipolar disorder, which has created a community to help others know they aren’t alone. She shares everything from the beginning of her diagnosis to the normalisation of mental illnesses in the celebrity spotlight.

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Schizoaffective - Bipolar Disorder Understanding. 756 likes. I am a woman with Schizoaffective Disorder - Bipolar Type, and this page is meant to spreadWelcome, to my repository of information (Video 1 to Video 22) plus each month I release a new video and answer your questions about easing Anxiety, OCD, and Depression, as I document everything I have learned over the last twenty years working as an anxiety therapist (and former OCD sufferer) to make my knowledge available and affordable to access for all who wish to change.What is Bipolar Disorder It is a brain a disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Many very successful people have managed their bipolar disorder including Mel Gibson Demi Lovato Axl Rose Britney Spears Jean-Claude Van Damme Mark Vonnegut Amy Winehaus Lee Thompson Young.