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Your support through Patreon will allow me to continue doing this work and devote more time to the ideas and writing behind the cartoons—the most important part of any piece of political satire. (Your help will also give me more independence and free me from an endless search for the rare editor who pays, most prefer safer ad-friendly content.)Did you find us? Welcome to Drama Milk! We do things a little differently over here: live Recaps, lots of text, no images, and preview updates at the bottom of posts.VictoriaMilk Patreon - earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank updated daily

KOREAN DRAMA CLEAN WITH PASSION FOR NOW: EPISODE 10 LIVE RECAP ——-Drama Milk is on Patreon——-#1. OPENING. Osol sits with Gwon in a cafe and asks, so you want me to stay with the CEO in his house?Hey Jamey, Great content as always. This post came at a great time for me. I’m just putting together a Patreon page up for my podcast. After reading your post, I could see how I was totally over thinking some areas (sucked into Kickstarter mentality), and not giving enough attention to others.r/TimAndEric: A subreddit dedicated to our favorite duo! I honestly doubt it will happen. Gregg has splintered their relationship yet again with the Tripp Spencer character, created only as a copy/plagiarism of the original hero, Decker.

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English translated behind the scenes making video that shows behind the scenes footage for the first few episodes of the Korean drama Touch Your Heart starring Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. This.Park Seo Joon Interview with Elle Magazine in 2016. We have many more interviews of Park Seo Joon that we plan on releasing. Subscribe to be updated on when they go live! #ParkSeoJoon is a #.Welcome to the official Patreon page of Adam Tod Brown and the Unpops Podcast Network. You can find lots of good stuff here, including: Ad-free episodes of Unpopular Opinion, The 90s Sucked, In Broad Daylight, and all the other podcasts Adam co-hosts Patreon-exclusive episodes of Pretty Scary and Conspiracy! The Show

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