S.phillips etc j physiol vol.15 pp.551-557 1996

S.phillips etc j physiol vol.15 pp.551-557 1996

The results predict a potential benefit of L-malate for improving physical stamina and minimizing muscle damage during swimming exercise. The activities of cytosolic and mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase were significantly elevated in the L-malate-treated group compared with the control group. These enzymatic activities may be useful1. Introduction. Teleost fishes are generally considered to be glucose intolerant. The purpose of this short review is to examine glucose tolerance in fish, discuss potential explanations that may account for intolerance, and finally present some ideas that may direct our further study within this area.498 R. N. LEMON 10. Analysis of the discharge frequency of twenty-five hand-input neurones revealed that some (mainly non-pyramidal tract neurones) had a similar mean frequency and range of modulation during both active movement and passive

Most of the enzymes involved in monolignol biosynthesis have been characterized (Fig. 1).In particular, several caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferases (COMTs) from dicots have been shown to catalyze the methoxylation of caffeic and 5-hydroxyferulic acids in vitro and were believed to be involved in guaiacyl and syringyl unit synthesis in vivo.S. K. Phillips and others training sessions, before training, usually three timesaweek. The subjects in the untrained group were not engaged in any regularJ. Physiol. (I956) I3I, 477-496 THE RELEASE OF ACETYLCHOLINE FROM PERFUSED SYMPATHETIC GANGLIA AND SKELETAL MUSCLES ByN. EMMELIN*ANDF. C. MACINTOSHt Fromthe National Institutefor Medical Research, Hampstead (Received 6 September 1955) The theory that acetylcholine (ACh) is the transmitter at ganglionic and

J Physiol 586.1 (2008) pp 35–44 35 TOPICAL REVIEW Endurance exercise performance: the physiology of champions Michael J. Joyner1 and Edward F. Coyle2 1Departments of Anaesthesiology and Physiology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Rochester, MN 55905, USA

S.phillips etc j physiol vol.15 pp.551-557 1996 download

Effects of Unloading in Old Versus Young Humans Charlotte Suetta, MD, PhD . The loss of muscle mass with aging (ie, sarcopenia and the concomitant decline in muscle strength) is associated with increased disability and mortality. 1,2 In addition, elderly individuals are more prone to periods of bed rest because of a higher degree of comorbidityG.S. is deeply indebted to Prof. J. W. Funder (Melbourne, Australia) for critical reading of the manuscript and helpful discussions. G.S. expresses his deep gratitude to Prof. P. Mantegazza (President of the University of Milan) for his continued interest in this research.27 McKenzie S, Phillips SM, Carter SL, Lowther S, Gibala MJ, and Tarnopolsky MA. Endurance exercise training attenuates leucine oxidation and BCOAD activation during exercise in humans. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 278: E580–E587, 2000. Link | ISI Google Scholar; 28 McMurray RG, Proctor CR, and Wilson WL.

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Objective: To examine the effects of oral contraceptive use on maximum force production in young women. Methods: In the study, 21 female subjects (14 pill users and seven eumenorrheic controls) took part. All pill using subjects had been taking a combined.The Arabidopsis ( Arabidopsis thaliana ) root epidermal bulger1-1 ( reb1-1 ) mutant (allelic to root hair defective1 [ rhd1 ]) is characterized by a reduced root elongation rate and by bulging of trichoblast cells. The REB1/RHD1 gene belongs to a family of UDP-d-Glucose 4-epimerases involved in the synthesis of d-Galactose (Gal). Our previous study showed that certain arabinogalactan protein.Heil, Peter. Auditory cortical onset responses revisited. II. Response strength. J. Neurophysiol. 77: 2642–2660, 1997. Most neurons of the auditory pathway discharge spikes locked to the onset of a