The act or process of orienting

The act or process of orienting

Overt and covert orienting. Attention may be differentiated into "overt" versus "covert" orienting. Overt orienting is the act of selectively attending to an item or location over others by moving the eyes to point in that direction. Overt orienting can be directly observed in the form of eye movements.Merriam-Webster defines onboarding as “the act or process of orienting and training a new employee The act or process of orienting.” That’s an accurate definition of onboarding, but I prefer the way Lexico phrases it: “The action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization.” The key word in this definition is integrating.A nurse who works in the office of an endocrinologist is orienting a new staff member. Which teaching point should the nurse include in the orientation? "A single hormone can act on not only one process or organ but often on several different locations or processes."

Alerting to non-specific cues has long been documented in multiple species. Orienting of attention has also been observed in multiple models, including rat (Hopkins et al., 2009) and macaque (Bowman et al., 1993), and executive monitoring was reported in rhesus macaques by using the numerical Stroop effect (Washburn, 1994; Yoshida et al., 2012)Every Student Succeeds Act. The federal government also influences education by allocating funding only to those school districts that follow certain federal guidelines. Roughly three percent of the federal budget is spent on education as of 2017 - a small proportion, of course, but in many years this amounts to billions of dollars.An important concept in the field of decision making is the OODA Loop or the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop. This refers to the strategic advantage that a decision maker gets over his or her opponent when he or she observes the situation and orients themselves and then decides and acts accordingly The act or process of orienting.

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people at the same time. This type of therapy is widely available at a variety of locations including private therapeutic practices, hospitals, mental health clinics, and community centers.

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Implementing acts. Primary responsibility for implementing EU law lies with EU countries. However, in areas where uniform conditions for implementation are needed (taxation, agriculture, the internal market, health and food safety, etc.), the Commission (or exceptionally the Council) adopts an implementing act.Orienting Adolescents and Families to Treatment and Obtaining Commitment . The pretreatment stage of orientation and commitment to DBT begins once suicide risk and diagnostic assessments are complete and the adolescent has been found to meet the inclusion criteria for the DBT program (see Chapter 6). As discussed in Chapter 3, the key goals of thisAnd also the rest of fee-for-service payments (90%) should be tied to value until 2018. For providers this means that they have to act pro-actively or they will very probably loose ground in the healthcare market in this change to value based payment.

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Onboarding synonyms. Top synonyms for onboarding (other words for onboarding) are organizational socialization, process of orienting a new employee and induction of a new employee.The next phase is where the OODA loop and the DDM model diverge slightly. If using the OODA loop, after orienting you would make a decision and implement an action. If using the DDM model, the decision would be followed by a pause to anticipate (i.e., predict or forecast) the outcome of the decision BEFORE the action. Rich Gasaway’s AdviceDefine orientational. orientational synonyms, orientational pronunciation, orientational translation, English dictionary definition of orientational. n. 1. The act of orienting or the state of being oriented. 2. Location or position relative to the points of the compass. 3. The construction of a church so